APOBEC3G expression and HIV-1 infection in Burkina Faso.

Compaore TR, Soubeiga ST, Ouattara AK, Tchelougou D, Bisseye C, Bakouan DR, Compaore I, Dembele A, Yonli AT, Obiri-Yeboah D, Djigma WF, Simpore J. ; J Public Health Afr. 2018 Dec 21 ;9(3):907. doi : 10.4081/jphia.2018.907. ; PMID : 30687488 ;


APOBEC3G is a potent inhibitor of HIV-1 replication, and act by deaminating cytidines in uracil on the negative strand of the viral cDNA. In this case-control study, APOBEC3G expression in subjects’ naïve to HAART infected by HIV-1 and the effect of APOBEC3G polymorphism on its expression were evaluated. The results show that the HIV-1 infected carriers of the G minor alleles of the variant rs8177832 had a higher expression of APOBEC3G mRNA than the controls carriers of the G minor allele. APOBEC3G polymorphisms could play an important role in the modulation of the HIV-1 dissemination.

KEYWORDS :APOBEC3G mRNA ; Burkina Faso ; HIV-1 ; rs35228531 ; rs6001417 ; rs8177832

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