Pathological Rupture of the Spleen : Unexpected Complication of Dengue Fever in A 35-Year-Old Patient

Marie Ouedraogo NL*, Korotimi Sanogo, Theodorazohoncon M, Ouandaogo S, Abdoul Ouattara K, Obiri-Yeboah D, Guiro M, Konate B, Simpore J and Simon Traore S ; JSM Surg Oncol Res 3(1) : 1023 ;

Pathological rupture of the spleen is a rare event. In addition to haematological malignancies, certain infectious etiologies such as malaria and dengue have been indexed as responsible for this complication. Digestive complications associated with type of hollow organ perforation are unusual events and are rarely mentioned in medical literature. The authors report a case of pathological rupture of the spleen in a 35-year-old man infected by dengue virus, with no known medical or surgical history, and no history of trauma. This patient had atypical and misleading clinical signs at the first visit to the medical emergency unit. The diagnosis of spleen rupture was made using thoracoabdominopelvic computed tomography, which also revealed signs suggestive of associated hollow organ perforation. The patient underwent a laparotomy during which, he benefited from a splenectomy and the management of the digestive lesion. Medium-term outcome has been favorable.

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