Improving Blood Transfusion Safety : A Survey on the Knowledge and Attitudes of Health Professionals in Blood Transfusion at the Yalgado Ouedraogo University Hospital Center, Burkina Faso

Kafando E, Koumaré AR,Nébié Y, Sawadogo S, Tinto A, Simporé J ;
Hematology & Transfusion International Journal, Volume 4 ; doi:10.15406/htij.2017.04.00070 ;


Introduction : National guidelines for best transfusion practices have been disseminated so that their recommendations can be applied to any health facility. This work was part of the approach to promoting transfusion safety. Its objective was to study the knowledge and attitudes of the clinical healthcare professionals in the Yalgado Ouédraogo University Hospital in the field of blood transfusion.

Materials and Methods : The survey-type study was conducted in four clinical departments of the Yalgado Ouédraogo University Hospital Center based on a questionnaire. It involved professionals practicing blood transfusion. The anonymous questionnaire was filled out by the participants themselves. There were multiple-choice questions and open-ended questions.

Results : The participation rate was 64% (192/300). The respondents had an average of 7 years of professional practice and worked in departments such as gynecology and obstetrics, pediatrics, nephrology and medical emergencies respectively in 48%, 26%, 16% and 10% of the cases. The study showed that transfusion therapy is a daily practice in clinical departments. However, knowledge is insufficient and compliance with transfusion best practices is limited.

Conclusion : In order to sensitize health professionals on the particular issue of blood transfusion and to improve their knowledge/skills, continuous training of health workers involved in blood transfusion should be an integral part of the action plans of the medical facilities.

Keywords : Knowledge ; Attitudes ; Blood transfusion ; Health professionals ; Blood products


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