Risk Behavior among Ineligible Blood Donors in a Blood Transfusion Center (Burkina Faso)

Eleonore Kafando, Yacouba Nebie, Salam Sawadogo, Kisito Kienou, Honorine Dahourou and Jacques Simpore ; Hematol Blood Transfus Disord, 2017 ; 4 : 014 ;

ObjectiveThe aim of the study was to compare the prevalence of human immunodeficiency virus, hepatitis B and C viruses among two blood donor populations.

MethodsA cross-sectional descriptive study was conducted over a six-month period. It involved blood donors recruited at fixed and mobile collection sites. Donors were classified into two groups : eligible and ineligible blood donors. Ineligible donors were excluded at the end of the medical interview for reasons of risky behavior. In both groups, the serological markers of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus and hepatitis B and C viruses were searched.

ResultsOut of a total of 10,814 blood-donation candidates, 11% (1,191/10,814) were ineligible after the pre-donation medical interview and the risk behaviors represented 4.5% (484/10,814). The median age was 26 years. Donors from mobile sites accounted for 72.8% versus 27.2% for those from the fixed site. Depending on the collection site, there were no significant differences in the serological markers of HIV and hepatitis B and C viruses between eligible and ineligible donors.

FindingsSerological results between fixed and mobile sites are similar. Strengthening selection in mobile sites seems more relevant. While retention of old donors is required, continued counseling among faithful and HIV-negative donors for targeted infections is also recommended.
Blood transfusion ; Fixed and mobile sites ; Ineligible donor ; Serological markers

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