Sida acuta Burm. f. : a medicinal plant with numerous potencies.

SD Karou, WMC Nadembega, DP Ilboudo, D Ouermi, M Gbeassor, C De Souza, J Simpore

African Journal of Biotechnology, Vol 6, No 25 (2007)


Sida acuta is shrub belonging to Malvaceae family. The plant is widely distributed in the subtropical regions where it is found in bushes, in farms and around habitations. Surveys conducted in indigenous places revealed that the plant had many traditional usages that varied from one region to another. The most cited illnesses are fever, headache and infections diseases. Indeed, many laboratory screening have been conducted to show the scientific rationale behind these usages and many compounds have been isolated from the plant. In the present review we listed the plant usages in folk medicine in some regions where the plant grows and we discussed on the confirmed in vitro activities after laboratory screenings. The review ended with the pharmacological properties of several compounds isolated from S. acuta principally alkaloids.

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