S100B concentration in colostrums of Burkinabe and Sicilian women.

Musumeci M, Betta P, Magro E, Isaia T, Simpore J, Romeo DM, Musumeci S.

Nutr Metab (Lond). 2008 May 22 ;5:15. doi : 10.1186/1743-7075-5-15.
PMID : 18498658 [PubMed]



The aim of this study is to determine the S100B concentration in colostrums of 51 Burkinabe and 30 Sicilian women, still living in their countries, and in case of a difference to search for its explanations, considering also ethnic differences.The concentration of S100B, in colostrums of the first three days from the delivery, was assessed with commercial immunoluminometric assay.The production of colostrums was significantly higher in Burkinabe women, where the colostrums S100B levels in the first day of lactation showed to be at 24 h higher than those of Sicilian mothers (672.21 +/- 256.67 ng/ml vs 309.36 +/- 65.28 ng/ml) and progressively decreased reaching the values of Sicilian mothers in the second and third day (204.31 +/- 63.25 ng/ml and 199.42 +/- 45.28 ng/ml, respectively). Correlation was found between the level of S100B and the length of stage II (duration of expulsive phase of delivery), but the correlation with pain was found only in Burkinabe women.The S100B level in colostrums of Burkinabe mothers differs from that of Sicilians only in the first day of lactation, and in consideration that Burkinabe women produce more colostrums, their newborns receive, during the first days of life, an higher amount of S100B. The elevated quantity of S100B ingested by Burkinabe newborn in the first days of life could promote the physiological postnatal brain adaptation and maturation in the precarious delivery condition of African infants.

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